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District Of Columbia Is a State in Usa. In District Of ColumbiaThe ZIP codes or postal codes are used within the United States to help the United States Postal Service (USPS) to send or receive mail more efficiently. Following are the cities under Usa in District Of Columbia, Usa.

What is Zip code? : ZIP Codes are also called as the Postal Code Zip code This is an unique Code consisted of Number and Character used by (USPS) United States Postal Service from 1963 for Delivering the Mails or Parcels in whole country. Abbreviation for ZIP is "Zone Improvement Plan", was chosen with the commitment to deliver the parcels more efficiently. The Zip code added in the address help the postal company to deliver more efficiently and quickly

Type of ZIP Codes? There are mainly four types of ZIP codes:
  • Unique Zip Codes: These are assigned to a single address which has high-volume of mails=government agencies, businesses, universities or buildings that get high volume of mails on daily basis.
  • Post Office (PO) Box only: These are used for PO Boxes only which are provided at a given facility, mainly in the Post Office
  • Military: These are used to deliver the mails for the U.S. military only
  • Standard: These are used for all other ZIP codes and they use the same Zip code of the local post office

About Zip Codes in USA A Zip code is usually written in the address note. People living in the United States use Zip codes to determine the location of other people. A Zip code is a special code that has been assigned to every city in the United States. Zip stands for "Zone Improvement Plan" and the purpose of having zip codes is to make things easier for everybody to locate the address where they have to deliver a package, a letter or a courier. Earlier postal codes were used because of the less population, but as the population got increased, administrators divided a city into many zones and each of these zones were handed a zip code. This division has made things easier for the postal service, shippers and recipients due to the standardization formats for zip codes. USPS also benefitted a lot from the zip codes. Zip code is a five digit number in which the first three digits will define the sectional facility and the last two digits will represent the state it belongs to. Google Map services are used to get the most accurate information about the address or location for any particular zip code.